System Integration for Enhanced Security

Thanks to WEYTEC's hardware-based integration, signals are distributed on our own network. Separating customer data from signal distribution reduces the traffic load on the customer network, which enhances security and improves performance. Multi-site networking presents multiple redundancy options while providing users with access to all systems and sources, regardless of system room location. With virtualization, multiple users can work simultaneously on 'one' PC (IP Remote), accessing the WEYTEC network via the customer's network. We can either enable the router's IP address to pass through the firewall, or provide direct access via a second interface.

Image of cabling in the server room

Benefits of Infrastructure Optimization from WEYTEC:

  • Highest security standards, security tested interfaces
  • Location-independent, multi-site networking
  • Redundancy and access to all sources from multiple locations
  • Business Continuity options
  • Significant offload of the internal network due to decoupling
  • High performance, elimination of duplicate network loads
  • Virtualization-capable
  • Stable, robust and independent of software updates

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