Unrivaled: WEYTEC smartTOUCH - the Multifunctional Control Unit for Control Rooms and Trading Floors

A critical trade at the perfect moment, a split-second response to an emergency call, immediate access to security systems to evaluate a potential threat - instant reaction times are crucial for traders and control room operators. But reaction times can be slowed down when users reach for multiple heterogenous devices to control their systems. Cluttered desks tend to frustrate users and slow them down. WEYTEC addresses this challenge with a portfolio of intuitive, user friendly KVM User Interfaces, for clearly organized workplaces and the shortest possible response times. Whether it is our multifunctional touch screen console smartTOUCH Flex, our Web GUI or the USB Deskswitch, operators control all their applications, sources and displays with a single WEYTEC KVM User Interface. Additional devices are superfluous.

WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard in front of multiple screens
Close-up of the WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard
Control room workplace with smartTOUCH keyboard and multiple screens
The keyboard inlay of the WEYTEC smartTOUCH keyboard can be easily removed and reinserted thanks to the quick ejection mechanism.

WEYTEC User Interfaces

The smartTOUCH keyboard is an exclusive multifunctional KVM user interface that is compatible with all WEYTEC solutions in Control Rooms and on Trading Floors. Sources can be assigned to monitors using the keyboard's multimedia touchscreen. Users can switch and toggle quickly and intuitively between their sources and directly control systems such as video walls. Programmable keypads can be configured individually, or customized for use with specialized platforms, such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters on the trading floor. Hot keys streamline important workflows, speeding up response times and optimizing key interactions. The smartTOUCH keyboard also features a wide range of interfaces to connect peripheral devices.

Another benefit: A quick ejection mechanism releases the smartTOUCH keyboard inlay from its housing unit so that people can always work on their personal keyboards. This enhances workplace hygiene on shared desks in 24/7 operations.

  • 10.1" LCD touch screen for the visualization and control of all PCs and sources
  • Individually configurable keypads
  • Flexible seating thanks to exchangeable keyboard inlays
  • Easy integration of video and telephony
  • Multiple interfaces for the direct connection of peripheral devices
  • Intelligent light and motion sensors to enhance workplace ergonomics
  • Exceptional acoustics with integrated, high-quality loudspeakers

More information about the smartTOUCH user interface here: 

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The smartTOUCH Flex is a multifunctional touch screen user interface that can be combined with any standard keyboard and mouse. Users can access, control, and share all their sources and screens via the intuitive interface. The touchscreen can display video signals or be used to quickly execute application inputs. The smartTOUCH Flex console can be customized to meet individual requirements.

  • Easy and flexible usability with a modern 10.1" LCD touchscreen
  • Compatible with any standard keyboard and mouse
  • Extended functionality with individual applications
  • Integrated loudspeakers
  • Interfaces to directly connect peripheral devices
  • Display one movable and scalable window (Picture-in-Picture)
  • Robust and stable
  • Adjustable angle of inclination between 15° - 64°

More information about the smartTOUCH Flex user interface here:

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The USB Deskswitch is a KVM switch that lets users control all the computers installed at the desk with a single keyboard and mouse. Operators and traders enjoy a fully integrated working environment with intuitive switching between multiple PCs and sources.  

  • Up to 4 PCs with a single USB Deskswitch
  • Up to 16 PCs with multiple Deskswitches
  • Individual hotkeys for different sources
  • Mouse switching with multi-resolution support (no software required for single-screen sources)
  • Network Copy-Paste to share clipboard information between PCs in the same network (optional)
  • Access USB 3.0 devices from up to 4 PCs

More information about the USB Deskswitch here:

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