KVM Switches and Extenders for Secure, Stable, Latency-free Data Transmission

Fault-free data transmission with minimum latency is an essential prerequisite for control rooms and trading floors. But this is not always the case. PS/2 and USB protocols for keyboards and mice are designed for a maximum of 5-10m. Control rooms and trading floors often support a multitude of input devices and cable connections, which can make the working environment uncomfortable, confusing and inefficient. State-of-the-art KVM extenders and KVM-over-IP solutions from WEYTEC transmit data over long distances, providing point-to-point and switched connections. With our KVM extenders, we optimize workflows, making work environments more flexible and manageable. 

Man repairing connections on a server rack
Close-up of cable connections in a server rack

WEYTEC KVM Extenders product details

WEYTEC KVM-over-IP solutions house all your PCs and information sources in a centralized server room where they are stored, protected, cooled cost-effectively, and maintained easily and efficiently. This saves electricity, prolongs the average life span of the extender hardware, precludes breeches of IT security and virtually eliminates expensive moves, adds and changes. In case of a PC failure, users can switch instantly to a spare device. KVM-over-IP solutions enhance workflow efficiency, workplace ergonomics and IT security.

  • Remote dedicated, shared and switched PCs
  • Digital transmission, standard IP
  • Transparent USB 2.0 High-Speed
  • AES 67 audio support
  • Data transmission over copper and/or fiber with corresponding SFPs
  • Increased rack density with dual transmitters and receivers
  • Universally applicable for all hardware platforms
  • Virtually no distance limitations

More information about our KVM-over-IP solutions here:

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WEYTEC Extender IP Remote USB provides a transparent USB-over-IP channel for devices such as hard disks, flash drives, fingerprint and card readers, audio devices, webcams and more. In combination with a WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM, USB connections can be switched between desks and PCs.

  • Extend any USB device over standard IP networks
  • Transparent USB (no drivers required)
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed
  • Switchable, in combination with a WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP)
  • Can be integrated into existing WEYTEC systems
  • Works across multiple sites / network segments
  • Up to 16 USB endpoints
  • Deployed in WEYTEC KVM chassis
  • Configure & update via network
  • SNMP V2, V3
  • AES128 encryption

More information about our IP Remote USB Extender here:

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The smartVISUAL Master and the smartVISUAL Receiver are the basic components of WEYTEC visualization solutions. The extenders und controllers administer and control real and virtual video walls, as well as decode and display video streams. smartVISUAL integrates multiple separate screens and LED displays into a continuous visualization surface.

  • Resolutions up to 4K @60Hz
  • Hardware-based, without software installations
  • Independent of operating system
  • Video sources can be displayed in freely scalable windows on screens and video walls
  • Unlimited number of sources and screens
  • Redundant system configurations (optional)
  • Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM

More information about our smartVISUAL solution here:

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WEYTEC IP Grabber Cards capture audio and video content as well as keyboard and mouse interactions. The data is converted to IP streams which can be recorded over standard network infrastructure. The IP Grabber cards are deployed as extenders in between the source and the input or output device. They can be installed either at the source (in the system room) or at the desk. They do not interfere with existing hardware or software.

  • KVM recording of video data streams
  • Hardware-based, no software installations
  • Video Grabber available with DisplayPort
  • Video resolutions up to 4K@60Hz
  • Digital transmission (standard IP)
  • Interface modules for copper and fiber networks
  • Lossless encoding technology
  • Configure & update via network
  • AES128 encryption
  • SNMP V2, V3

More information about our IP Grabber Cards here:

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