Hardware-based: Network and I/O cards for System Integration

In today's digitized world, companies need to integrate multiple, disparate systems and provide their staff with efficient access to all sources. Software-based integration is a common approach, but it comes with drawbacks such as regular software updates, complex interdependencies with operating system versions and an expensive dependency on software companies. WEYTEC uses network cards and I/O cards to integrate customer systems and sources. Our hardware-based integration solutions are independent of platform or application type as well as software and operating system updates. Hardware-based integration is also significantly faster than software-based integration and provides users with more flexibility in the day-to-day control and management of their systems. 

Closeup of KVM Integrators
Closeup KVM integrators in the server room

Hardware-based WEYTEC KVM Integrators

IP Network Separation Cards work with two independent WDP systems. Each WDP system connects a selection of sources to IP Remote Transmitters and a workplace with two IP Remote Receivers and a smartTOUCH keyboard. Although the components are connected to two WDP switches over the same VLAN, they are not connected to each other because they reside on separate networks. Users can switch and toggle between both networks with their smartTOUCH keyboards.

  • Highly secure network separation
  • Switching and toggling via smartTOUCH keyboard
  • SFP modules for copper and fiber connections
  • Direct connection of 3 system devices

The WEYTEC IP Input / Output (IP I/O) cards receive, distribute and forward events within a WEYTEC KVM matrix system. IP I/O cards provide interfaces between WEYTEC IP devices and third-party peripherals. In combination with a smartTOUCH keyboard or a WDP system, IP I/O cards detect incoming events and trigger outgoing events, interacting with visualization solutions, communication and radio systems, building management technology and more.

  • Four switchable relays (IP I/O Relay card)
  • Four optocouplers (Input card)
  • Four serial interfaces (RS232 card)
  • Configure & update via network
  • AES128 encryption
  • SNMP V2, V3
  • Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC products and solutions

More information about our IP I/O Cards here:

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The IP Redundancy / Converter connects WEYTEC products and other devices with a single network interface to two different switches within the same network. This creates new opportunities to configure redundancy and increase operational availability. The IP Redundancy / Converter can also be deployed as a media converter between copper and fiber.

  • Redundancy for devices with single network interfaces
  • Media converter between copper and fiber infrastructure
  • Fully compatible and integrated with WEYTEC KVM products and solutions

More information about our IP Redundancy / Converters here:

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The smartCONNECTOR III connects dedicated workplaces to smartTOUCH keyboards. Each smartCONNECTOR III connects (USB and audio) data from two workplaces to the smartTOUCH over Gigabit Ethernet. The smartCONNECTOR III features an integrated 2-port Gigabit network switch to connect the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP) and smartTOUCH keyboards. 

  • Can be used with smartTOUCH keyboards and IP Remote Receivers
  • Fully compatible with the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM (WDP)
  • Features an integrated 1000 Base T Gigabit network switch
  • Supports USB keyboard/mouse emulations
  • Supports DVD quality audio connections

The IP Remote Audio Mixer is a KVM Integrator that combines up to 16 digital and 2 analog audio signals. The resulting IP Remote audio stream is available across the entire network as input for multiple KVM receivers, a smartTOUCH console, or additional audio mixers that combine more source signals. The audio stream is also available as an analog signal on the card‘s line-out interface, where it can be directly connected to speakers or headphones.

  • Mixes IP Remote audio signals and analog audio inputs
  • Full integration with WDP
  • Perfect addition to smartTOUCH keyboards with more than 8 audio channels
  • Digital output as IP Remote audio signal
  • Analog output via line out interface
  • Volume control and left/right channels adjustable per signal
  • Can be installed at the desk, in the system room or wherever playback is required
  • Compatible and integrated with WEYTEC products and solutions

More information about our KVM Integrator IP Remote Audio Mixer here:

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