Maximum Control in Security-relevant Environments with WEYTEC KVM Solutions

Organizations in the public security sector bear enormous responsibility. The reliability of evidence in crisis situations or during threats is essential. WEYTEC provides customers with comprehensive KVM solutions that maximize control in security-critical infrastructures. The Record & Replay solution provides comprehensive workplace recording of digital events, including mouse and keyboard activity. In the event of an emergency, events in the digital working environment can be recreated and scenarios can be synchronized, replicated and replayed.

Man's hand operates WEYTEC smart TOUCH keyboard
Screen content when using workplace recording

Recording & Replay: An invaluable enhancement to WEYTEC KVM solutions

The Record & Replay features are an invaluable enhancement to WEYTEC solutions. They record and replay users' comprehensive digital activities, including mouse and keyboard recording. The flexible and scalable features are desinged for investigative and training purposes. The combination of hardware and software-based workplace recording with lossless compression technology ensures precise and accurate recording. The Record & Replay featured are fully integrated and compatible with WEYTEC solutions and products. 

  • Recording up to 4K@60Hz
  • Instant replay at any time
  • For investigation and training purposes
  • Synchronized replay of screens, video walls, keyboard, mouse and audio
  • Flexible and scalable to any requirement
  • Hardware and software-based recording
  • Lossless compression technology
  • Fully integrated and compatible with WEYTEC KVM products and solutions

More information about our Record & Replay solution here:

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WEYTEC IP Grabber Cards capture audio and video content and record keyboard and mouse movements. The data is converted to IP streams which are recorded over standard network infrastructure. IP Grabber cards are deployed in between sources and the input or output device. They can be installed either at the source (in the system room) or at the workplace. They do not interfere with existing hardware or software.

  • KVM recording of video data streams
  • Hardware-based, no software installations
  • Video Grabber available with DisplayPort
  • Video resolutions up to 4K@60Hz
  • Digital transmission (standard IP)
  • Interface modules for copper and fiber networks
  • Lossless encoding technology
  • Configurate & update via network
  • AES128 VerschlĂĽsselung
  • SNMP V2, V3

More information about our IP Grabber Cards here:

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