Latency-free Visualization Solutions for a Better Overview and More Effective Collaboration

In control rooms and trading floors, users interact with a multitude of different displays and visualization interfaces. This can slow down reaction times. WEYTEC's smartVISUAL solution integrates separate displays into a continuous visualization surface. Operators can control real and virtual video walls, as well as decode and display video streams very intuitively. The smartVISUAL Editor is a web-based graphical user interface for the administration of smartVISUAL. Users can adjust the size and position of individual windows, monitor changes to the video wall in real time, and create layouts. Our multifunctional smartTOUCH keyboard is used to operate smartVISUAL, control all the sources and applications, and assign content to screens with a single keystroke. This provides users with optimal flexibility.

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Benefits of our Visualization Solutions:

  • Based on KVM IP extenders
  • Completely hardware-based solution without software installations on the sources
  • Independent of operating systems
  • All sources can be freely placed, scaled and moved in windows across any number of screens and video walls
  • Developed for 24/7 operations
Man standing at trading workplace with several screens

Technical Features of our Visualization Solutions:

  • Resolutions up to 4K @60Hz
  • Unlimited number of sources and screens
  • Redundant architecture and configurations
  • Fully compatible and integrated in the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM
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Use Case: WEYTEC smartVISUAL Solution

IP Remote transmitters, IP video encoders, IPTV headends, IP cameras and other streaming sources can be displayed on the video wall. Every display is connected to a dedicated smartVISUAL Receiver. The solution supports multiple display types and resolutions. The smartVISUAL Receiver can freely scale and position all video signals. Communication between the sources and receivers is via a dedicated standard IP network. The solution is controlled by one or more redundant smartVISUAL master units.

Graphical representation of a WEYTEC visualization solution installation

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