WEYTEC launches the WDP MX® workplace solution and elevates user experience and performance to the next level.

The launch of WDP MX® marks another milestone in WEYTEC's product portfolio. After an intensive period of development, we proudly present the WEYTEC distributionPLATFORM WDP MX®. WDP MX® is an innovative turnkey solution combining the benefits of the tried-and-true WDP with even more powerful, future-oriented and scalable technology. MX stands for "Maximum Experience" and represents our commitment to exceed customer expectations and create a maximum user experience. The WDP MX® brand name signifies a forward-thinking end-to-end solution that delivers unprecedented levels of performance, usability, flexibility, redundancy, scalability, security and longevity. WDP MX® will be successively enhanced with attractive new functions.

New WDP MX® products and features

Building upon our established solutions and processes, WDP MX® offers a host of new products and features, including WDP software with a new WEB Configuration Console and smartVISUAL integration, enhanced security features, AES128 encryption, smartUX integration (OSD) and support for AES67 digital audio streams. In addition, we are introducing new IP remote transmitters and receivers, revised smartTOUCH user interfaces and a new service platform for the efficient creation and management of new product GUIs and the graphical design of UIs such as smartTOUCH and smartUX.

All WDP MX® hardware and software components are developed and produced in-house by WEYTEC according to the highest quality standards - Made in Switzerland.

User benefits of WDP MX®

With user-friendly interfaces and applications, WDP MX® is 100% focused on the perfect user experience and optimal workflow support. Thanks to efficiency-enhancing features, WDP MX® empowers users and optimizes their performance. Because the WDP MX® is developed in-house, we can use the latest technologies to optimally address our customers' individual requirements and create perfect overall solutions.

WDP MX® is an expandable platform that easily integrates third-party systems using flexible APIs. WDP MX® effectively reduces downtime and is designed to meet customer requirements, from a highly redundant solution to a single, cost-efficient system. WDP MX® users work on distributed sources, systems, and video walls utilizing a single and consistent user environment across multiple locations.

With this innovative turnkey solution, we create high-performance working environments that are tailored to user needs, optimizing efficiency, security, flexibility, continuity and reliability in control rooms and trading floors worldwide.

The next steps with WDP MX®

Our development team is actively working on additional products and functions that will further enhance the performance of WDP MX® going forward. Our experts will be happy to advise you individually on an innovative turnkey WDP MX® solution for you.

To find out more and consult with our experts, contact us now.

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