Administrative Security 24/7: WEYTEC KVM Matrix and Controllers

System administrators are responsible for the management, control and security of systems and data. They must always maintain an overview of users and their activities in security-critical infrastructures such as control rooms and trading floors. Data leaks or breaches can have devastating consequences. The WEYTEC KVM Matrix maximizes the administrators' control over all running processes. From the creation and administration of user profiles, to the management of transmitters and input systems, and the retrieval of activity logs, WEYTEC Controllers help administrators maintain control to ensure security and operational continuity at all levels.

Server rack with numerous connections

The WEYTEC Controllers

The WDP Server is the central KVM Controller for WEYTEC solutions. It is responsible for all user interactions, from login and role selection to logoff. The WDP Controller manages the switching, control and surveillance of all devices within a WDP system. Designed for 24/7 operations, multiple physical WDP servers work in fail-safe mode. WDP servers can be deployed across multiple locations.

  • Central creation and management of user profiles, user groups, roles and access rights
  • User login and access to sources from any desk
  • Administrative WEB access for configuration and monitoring across the entire KVM system
  • Switching and control of IP Remote Transmitters, Receivers and smartTOUCH keyboards
  • Centralized database for user rights, devices and switching options as well as data integrity
  • Logging of all user activity
  • Device management across multiple sites

More information about the WDP Server here:

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The smartVISUAL master, as a KVM Controller and video processor, provides for the decentralized management of multiple real and virtual video walls with different resolutions. It also manages all sources as well as the video and network settings. The smartVISUAL Master is active only when switching or changing layouts and sources. Streams are processed exclusively by the smartVISUAL Receiver. If the Master fails, all other components continue to function and playback the video streams.

  • Every source can be placed, scaled and moved individually
  • Single monitors or personal video walls can display multiple sources simultaneously
  • Thanks to its modular architecture, the system can be extended to accommodate an almost unlimited number of sources and screens
  • Multiple smartVISUAL Masters can be combined to achieve the highest levels of availability.

More information about our smartVISUAL Master here:

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